Discover the power of writing.


Discover who you are.

Explore the depths of your emotions and thoughts with our therapeutic writing workshop. Through writing tools and prompts, we strive to create a safe and nurturing environment for self-exploration and vulnerability.

Unlock your creativity.

Liber(i)te is a powerful platform that aims to unlock the depths of creativity, self-compassion, and self-realisation. The workshop allows individuals to explore their true potential without judgment or limitation.

Connect with others.

Join our writing workshops to connect with like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey of self-discovery. Share your stories, listen to others, and foster a sense of community through the magic of writing.

What is Liber(i)te?

Liber(i)te is a transformative writing experience designed to help individuals tap into their inner creativity, gain clarity, and find healing through the written word. Our workshops provide a supportive space for self-expression, personal growth, and connection with like-minded individuals.

Here's what others have to say.

"I could use many beautiful adjectives to describe my experience attending the Liber(i)te Writing Workshop. However, I'll summarize it by saying it was warm and gentle and allowed me to be still and explore my feelings through writing. Tendani's work inspired me to attend, and her presence was a breath of fresh air that reminded me of the power of self-expression and embracing ourselves without the weight of external judgment.

The space was open and honest and allowed conversations between people who might never have met otherwise.

I love Tendani's words, and the workshop embodies them: "I'm giving myself permission to free myself from what other people think today.""

Vicki-Lee White