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Liber(i)te's purpose.

In a world where individuals grapple with major mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and substance abuse, Liber(i)te, a combo of the words "liberate" and "write", stands as a beacon of hope and healing. Liber(i)te recognises the profound therapeutic potential of writing as a tool for mental wellness.

Through the act of expressive writing, participants are invited to confront their inner struggles, fears, and emotions in a safe and nurturing environment. This process not only fosters self-awareness but also provides a cathartic release, alleviating the burdens of mental distress. Moreover, Liber(i)te emphasises the power of connection with others who share similar challenges. By coming together in a supportive community, participants find solace and understanding, combating the isolation often associated with mental health struggles. The shared experience of therapeutic writing creates a sense of belonging and encourages empathy, promoting emotional healing and resilience in the face of life's adversities. Liber(i)te offers a transformative avenue for individuals to reclaim their well-being, one word at a time.

This inspiring workshop is led by the talented Tendani Mulaudzi (BA Film & Media Production & BA (Hons) in Journalism and Media), a dedicated writer and storyteller who is passionate about helping individuals discover the power of their own words.

With a rich background in counselling, extensive experience running writing workshops in rehabilitation settings, and a remarkable writing portfolio that includes publications The Good Trade, EWN and FirstRand, Tendani is the perfect guide on your journey to liberate your creativity and express your innermost thoughts and feelings through the written word.